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Oct 09, 2006 Grandfather Mountain
Sep 04, 2006 Hiking & Fishing
Aug 24, 2006 Gone Fishing !
Aug 14, 2006 FUN SUNDAY !
Aug 12, 2006 It's raining !
Aug 11, 2006 All Is Quiet
Aug 10, 2006 Summer Fun

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All Is Quiet

Friday Aug 11, 2006 10:49:00 PM

Well, all the guest are gone ...all is quiet and I have nothing to do but lay on the couch and sleep. Must find something to do.....Must find something to do......Must find something to do but sleep is over taking me....Hopefully, mom and my human brother will find a way to entertain me today. Ooooooooooh so sleepy gotta go...naptime.

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Posted By: Dustin 2006/08/12 11:40:16 PM
well both of you are petty ;-)

Posted By: Midnight 2006/08/12 12:47:31 PM
Thanks Kifa, I went to your page and thought you were cool and so pretty. Can't wait 2 see the video. Maybe my mom will make me one too.

Posted By: 2006/08/12 04:59:18 AM
Yeah, nice and pretty dog you are! I am Lab/Pittie. Hope to be friends and such!

Posted By: Dustin 2006/08/11 11:41:52 PM
i could tell you have lab!

Posted By: Midnight 2006/08/11 11:25:33 PM
The dad we are assuming is of a medium size breed. My sister thinks it could be a Jack Russell but we are not sure. It's anybody's guess.

Posted By: Midnight 2006/08/11 11:24:17 PM
We have no info as Midnight along with her mom, brother and sisters were about to be incenoratored until a wonderful women named Terry rescued them...Mid's mom was in real bad shape and we know for sure she is Lab retriever.

Posted By: Dustin 2006/08/11 11:14:19 PM
your welcome! do you know the color of your dad? his face? maybe your a pitbull in you? naw i dont know

Posted By: Midnight 2006/08/11 11:13:24 PM
Yes, I am a labrador retriever mix my mom is labrador retriever and my dad breed is unknown. Thanks for the compliment and posting here. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Posted By: Dustin 2006/08/11 10:55:20 PM
your a lab mix...hmm...well whatever breed you are your always still pretty ;-) peace out! lol

Posted By: Dustin 2006/08/11 10:53:49 PM
hi midnight! *blushes* your cute!

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